Picnic celebration

IGS host families and our European exchange students met for a celebratory picnic at Centennial Park during the holidays.

“Most of our exchange students were there and the overall feeling was that students and families have created strong bonds with the exchange students,” said Acting Director of Languages Teresa Alonso-Lasheras.
“It was wonderful to hear from the exchange students the many adventures and great experiences they had had in Australia during the holidays.
“They had visited farms, the Blue Mountains, the South Coast and some were even lucky enough to have gone to the Great Barrier Reef, Adelaide or Tasmania. There was a real sense of community and generosity from our families. 
“For their final couple of weeks, students will attend school and participate in a range of activities. They are very excited to experience school in Australia!”
High School students were treated to brief talks by the exchange students about their own schools and home towns in Spain, France, Germany and Italy.
The students thanked their IGS host families very much for showing them other parts of Sydney and Australia during the holidays and for making them feel welcome.
IGS students are encouraged to chat with them in Spanish, German, French and Italian as they move around the School!
We thank these students for being the first to visit us since the pandemic began, recommencing a long tradition of exchanges at our School.