Moon shape project builds collaboration

The vibrancy of the School's collaborative and diverse artistic spirit has been captured in the Moon Viewing Project.

“The collaborative Moon Viewing Project involving the Music and Language faculties was an opportunity to celebrate the talents and creativity of IGS Primary School students across a range of artistic disciplines,” said Head of Primary Music Nik Glass.

In Term 4 2021, Japanese Primary Language teacher, Noriko Yamanaka approached Head of Primary Music, Nik Glass with an idea to produce a collaborative video project across both Faculties. At a time when artists were isolated from one another across the world due to the Pandemic, both Noriko Sensei and Mr Glass quickly formed a vision for an interactive and engaging video performance that celebrated the vibrancy of our School’s collaborative and  diverse artistic spirit.

“The Japanese Otsuki-mi moon viewing song was selected as the focal point of the project, with its lyrical pentatonic melody and related partner clapping-dances,” said Nik.

Students in Years 2 to 6 were then invited to share their interpretation of the song by singing, playing an instrument of their choice, dancing or submitting an inspired artwork. Students were guided by tutorial videos created by Noriko Sensei along with music tutors Jayne Groves and Matt Moore.
“In true IGS style, students submitted highly creative and expressive responses featuring improvised performances using the pentatonic scale, traditional Japanese dress, body percussion ostinati, Otsuki-mi moon viewing images, origami and Japanese word patterns,” Nik said.

“From drumming on farm buckets to the presentation of Kage-e shadow puppets, it was beautiful to see so many children creating such wonderful work together while also celebrating Japanese Art and Culture.”

Congratulations to all students and staff involved.