In this week’s WITWAT (Where In The World Are They?) interview, Paul Galea talks to Mi-kaisha Masella (2018) who is in NYC, USA, Zac Gomez (2017) and the Volleyball Boys, and Adam McMahon (2006) who is in Toronto, Canada .

Mi-kaisha Masella 2018. NYC,USA.

After graduating from IGS in 2018, I started working full-time at a record label at the ABC as an Assistant. A few months later, I went on to start my undergrad studies at NYU in Recorded Music with a minor in Native American and Indigenous Studies. 

Moving to NYC was a massive adjustment, but I very quickly fell in love with the city (Brooklyn especially). I spent a semester abroad in Berlin and put to use all that Frau Trottman and Frau Galfetti-Neve taught me over the years. I’ve been lucky enough to bounce around the globe for songwriting camps and performances, working with/alongside artists like Maverick City Music, Dionne Warwick, G Flip, the Kid Laroi and Hillsong Worship.

I just graduated in May and am now living in Brooklyn, NY working as a full-time artist, releasing music and playing shows in the city. I also signed my first publishing deal (songwriting) last year and am loving writing with/for other artists and getting to travel for writing sessions. I’ll soon be applying for an artist visa O1, so if any alum have experience with the US visa application process, any advice would be super helpful!

I was back on Gadigal country in October to perform at the first SXSW Sydney and my single Eternity was released on 13 October 2023.

Adam McMahon 2006 Toronto, Canada

I first moved out here shortly after graduating, bounced back and forth, but ended up here permanently. I live in a small town about 1.5 hours from Toronto called Wellesley. I originally moved here to referee ice hockey, but ended up just living life. I’m now married, have two boys and own my own barbershop in town.

I graduated in 2006, first came out November that year, then would have permanently settled here in 2008.

I worked a few winters ago doing ironworking (rebar) and I learnt to appreciate the cold. There’s a photo of me working in -40 degrees C that day!

It’s an experience. Moustache and beard freezes, you’re wearing five layers! Wet hands that freeze!

But I went back to cutting hair, haha!

I remember you from school too. Even to this day, I quote “harsh but fair” and picture Evan Doumanis’ face getting into trouble!!!

Zac Gomez 2017 and the Volleyball boys

I started playing volleyball when I was in Year 11 at IGS in 2016, continuing to play throughout my HSC and with IGS friends now.

After graduating in 2019 I began helping our Coach, James with the program and am now in my fourth year of coaching – alongside Morris Shaner (2017) and Christian Grasso (2022)

Volleyball at IGS is unique and allows students of all years and abilities to train together in a positive and encouraging environment. Our goals are rooted in the idea that the sessions should be as enjoyable for the students as they were for us. We now have an Alum Volleyball Club that runs on Wednesday evenings. Alums, please feel free to come along.