Meet Our Head Boy & Head Girl

In every school, there exists a group of individuals whose dedication and passion drive positive change, inspire their peers, and shape the future of their educational community. These individuals are the student leaders, the heartbeat of the school, who tirelessly work to make a difference in the lives of their fellow students and beyond.

Welcome to a peek into the hearts and minds of our exceptional student leaders, the Head Boy and Head Girl. In this dialogue, they delve into their passions, aspirations, and the driving forces behind their dedication to leadership.


At the forefront of this leadership cohort are the Head Boy and Head Girl, individuals chosen for their exemplary character, academic prowess, and commitment to service. These student leaders serve as role models, embodying the values and ethos of the school while spearheading initiatives that foster unity, inclusivity, and excellence.

Student leadership isn’t just about holding prestigious titles; it’s about taking initiative, demonstrating empathy, and making meaningful contributions to the school community. Through their actions, student leaders inspire their peers to discover their own potential, instilling a sense of pride and belonging that transcends the classroom.