Maths Comes Alive with Outdoor Locus Lesson

In a novel approach to learning, the Extension 2 Maths class, under the guidance of Ms Cassandra Church, embarked on a journey to explore the intricacies of Locus—a formidable mathematical concept. Breaking free from the confines of the traditional classroom, the students discovered that stepping into the open brought a new dimension to their understanding of complex mathematical problems, Year 11 student Toby Dolph reports.

“Our initial task was to stand at equal distances from certain points on the ground—which seemed simple—but put our problem-solving skills to the test; with simple tools such as string and chalk, we attempted to understand the intricacies of this problem. 

“For many of us, this hands-on method of learning was new, but it proved to be very useful in understanding this concept. Extension 2 Maths is known for being tough, but that’s what makes it so fulfilling and interesting.

“Participating in this hands-on activity helped us to understand a challenging maths concept in a way that regular class lessons couldn’t. It was engaging and allowed us to gain a better understanding of the problem.

“Extension 2 Maths is a fantastic subject because it helps you understand why math works the way it does. It shows us that math isn’t just in textbooks but is all around us in everyday life. We can’t wait to further deepen our understanding of Maths through this fascinating subject, unlocking its mysteries and having lots of fun along the way.

“In another lesson, we used Geogebra Classic, an online graphing tool, to draw some of the loci we had created with our bodies outside. 

“These experiences showed us that even hard maths problems can be made understandable and enjoyable. Stepping outside the classroom made understanding Locus a breeze. It clicked in a way that wouldn’t have happened just sitting at our desks—it was like math came to life!”

Toby Dolph, 2024 STEM Leader