House Competition excites

Each of the four IGS Houses (Kuyal, Bamal, Gura, Baado) are participating in a intra House Competition.

Tutor groups are competing against each other to earn the most points and be awarded their respective House cup at the end of Term 4.
“The challenges are designed to bring tutor groups together in a joyful and competitive way,” said
 English and Drama Teacher, Head of Kuyal Megan Sampson.
“Challenges range in points and include activities such as; wearing funky socks (10 points), doing a charitable deed/initiative (20 points), creating a tutor group song (15 points) and collectively receiving 10 or more positive tickets in a week (10 points). 

“We are hoping all students make the effort to join their tutor group each morning and participate in the activities. The House and Tutor group system are important aspects of life at IGS, promoting community and connection.

“On day one of the Kuyal comp, The Warada Kuyal tutor group threw a birthday party today to celebrate the birthdays of Ben and Audin, earning 10 points.”