IGS is officially registered with the NSW Government as a COVID Safe business.

Watch for symptoms

Students and staff who are unwell are encouraged to take a PCR or RAT test and to follow NSW Health Guidelines if they test positive.

Please stay home if you are unwell.

All IGS staff have received at least two doses of COVID-19 vaccinations. NSW Health strongly encourages parents to ensure their children are up to date with all vaccinations.

COVID-19 positive cases and the latest self-isolation requirements

With the recent removal of isolation requirements for COVID positive cases, schools continue to be required to conduct their own risk assessment in response to the presence of COVID-19 on campus, informed by NSW Health advice.

In that context, please continue to inform Deputy Principal Wellbeing Mary Duma if your child from Kindergarten to Year 12 tests positive, or contact Head of Children’s Programs Sarah Herbert if your child in Early Learning tests positive. Your continuing support with this will assist us to respond effectively to any new development that occurs. 

We will also continue to inform the school community when there are cases in the School or Early Learning. 

Students who are unwell should stay home

NSW Health strongly advises that if a student is unwell and has any symptoms for any illness they should stay home and test for COVID. Students should not return to School until they are free of symptoms or unless they provide a medical certificate confirming that their COVID-like symptoms are explained by another diagnosis such as hay fever. 

If you have any concerns about your child’s learning, or for Year 12 parents about your child attending an HSC examination, please contact Deputy Principal Academic Thom Marchbank

What are the rules for household and close contacts?

Students, staff and visitors who are household and close contacts of people who have tested positive to COVID must continue to follow NSW Health Household and Close Contact Guidelines

Please contact Deputy Principal Wellbeing Mary Duma if your child tests positive to COVID or if you would like to discuss any of these requirements. 


Fresh air is the most effective form of ventilation to minimise the risk of transmission. All learning spaces at IGS have been checked to ensure appropriate levels of ventilation and air purifiers have been provided where needed.

Use of outdoor spaces will continue to be encouraged.


Wearing a mask in crowded places helps protect everyone in our community and especially those who are at higher risk of severe illness from COVID-19 and flu.

Masks are optional and encouraged at IGS, rather than mandatory. We implement the strong recommendation of NSW Health that staff, students and visitors who have tested positive wear a mask after they leave self-isolation until 10 days after their positive test was taken.

On some occasions, masks may still be required for students, staff and parents.


COVID-19 is considered in all risk assessments and appropriate safeguards are applied across a range of activities.

Parents are made aware of the risk of exposure to the virus and are required to give their permission for their child to participate in extra-curricular and off-site activities as well as out of school hours care (OSHC).


During regular school hours we continue to limit visitors to the School to include Early Learning Parents and visitors who are integral to the academic offerings of the School. All visitors are encouraged to wear masks. They must sign in at reception.


Physical distancing

To avoid crowding and close proximity where possible, we assign staff to specific work locations and minimise staff movement between these locations. 

We have plans and systems in place to monitor and control the numbers of staff and students on campus at any given time to allow for physical distancing.

We use flexible working arrangements where possible, such as working from home, and early and late shifts, to reduce peak periods.

Reception and the IT help desk have been fitted with perspex barriers and implement a range of controls to minimise the risk of potential exposure to the virus when interacting with others.

We are reviewing regular deliveries and have requested contactless delivery and invoicing where practical.  

We display signage near lifts directing staff and students to maintain physical distancing wherever practical, with lift usage limited to two people at a time.

Hygiene and cleaning

Students are regularly reminded to wash their hands frequently and carefully throughout the day and to avoid hugging their classmates.

We provide hand sanitiser in all classrooms and staff rooms and at multiple locations throughout the School.

We provide detergent/disinfectant surface wipes to clean workstations and equipment such as monitors, phones and keyboards.

We ensure bathrooms are well stocked with anti-bacterial hand soap and paper towels, and display posters with instructions on how to wash hands effectively.

We clean frequently-used areas throughout the school day with detergent or disinfectant.

We use disinfectant solutions in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions and at an appropriate strength.

Other measures
  • Staff handle only their own computers, books and bags where possible.
  • Air-conditioning is set to allow fresh air rather than recirculation where possible.
  • Windows and doors in classrooms and staff rooms are open for airflow where possible. 

IGS regularly communicates with parents about the presence and impact of COVID-19 in our community, including year groups or cohorts who may be impacted.

View information for families from the NSW Government.