The Addams Family update

Rehearsals have begun for the 2023 IGS musical!

The 2023 Musical Company commenced rehearsals last Sunday 19 February, which saw all members participate in a fun dance sequence for the show-stopper piece When You’re An Addams.

In this energised session with our Residential Choreographer, students explored various dance forms including Line Dancing, the Bunny Hop and the Twist, alongside some Addams Family moves like the Rigor Mortis and the Death Rattle. 

Over the past month, the artistic and creative team (A&C Team) have facilitated online auditions, and held callbacks and interviews in search of finding the best possible cast for our production in the Everest Theatre at the Seymour Centre this August.

“The response from students in the High School to participate in the 2023 IGS Musical has been overwhelming and the A&C Team has considered some innovative planning to ensure that every applicant has been provided with an opportunity to be part of the 2023 IGS Musical Production of The Addams Family,” said IGS Director of Music Darren Kuilenburg. 

The variety of positions in this show includes lead principal roles, supporting and cameo roles, ensemble members, dance troupe, orchestral musicians, stage crew, properties crew and hair and make-up teams, alongside a number of key leadership opportunities for our older High School students.

The A&C Team had a very difficult task of placing the roles based on a large number of talented people across the High School, selecting performers who the team felt were best suited for each different role and who matched the specific characters according to a range of casting considerations.

“IGS is committed to offering quality creative and performing arts opportunities in providing enrichment activities that contribute to the development of artistic and creative individuals through practice-based learning, ensuring that individuals grow as performers, strengthen their craft and build resilience.”

We all flourish

Alongside acting, dancing and singing rehearsals this week, all teams gathered together to map the production design elements by planning make-up for characters and creating some innovative properties.

In 2023, we are so excited to be presenting our production in association with The Seymour Centre, one of Australia’s leading university arts centres.

This establishment is the University of Sydney’s multi-venue performing arts centre, which focuses on championing new productions designed to drive youth engagement in the arts.

The Seymour Centre’s vision is to foster the next generation of artists through comprehensive first-hand arts education experiences for them, and our students are thrilled to step up into this fresh venue for IGS.