Halloween Mufti Day excites

Our High School students participated in a Halloween themed costume day on Thursday.

The event was part of House competitions currently underway.

Students dressed up for Halloween themed House Assemblies and Year 12 students had their first opportunity to lead and share their visions for the year ahead.

“Kuyal had a donut eating competition run by House leaders Ava and Oscar. We also had a costume contest. Tilly from the Malya tutor group won the student round and Mr Stephen Pace from the Guragura tutor group won the teacher round,” said English and Drama Teacher, Head of Kuyal Megan Sampson.

In Baado, Nate Stewart of Year 7 won the costume contest as a banana, and English Teacher Jarrod Martin won the teacher costume contest as Ace Ventura. 

In Gura, students were led by enthusiastic House Captains Ed and Iris. They ran an inter TG game of Musical Chairs and an IGS quiz which tested the students knowledge about the School. Prizes were awarded for Halloween costumes and both the game and the quiz contributed points towards the House Cup Competition.