Guest star surprises Musical cast

Australian actor Elise McCann visited our 2022 IGS Musical students during Week 6 of Term 2 as part of a special "meet the artist" series for the 2022 IGS Musical.

Elise visited IGS as students continue their journey into the world of Musical Theatre. She spoke to students about the development of characters and shared some tips in rehearsing for a show. 

Music Portfolio leader Nell Sharwood was thrilled to interview Elise on Tuesday during Musical rehearsals.

“It was an absolute pleasure meeting the 2022 cast and company,” Elise said. “The students are such great listeners and offered really engaging questions as part of the Q&A.” 

Director of Music Darren Kuilenburg and Musical producer said “As we move deeper into the rehearsal period, there are plans for Elise to participate in various masterclasses in developing characters and building confidence on stage.”

“Elise has worked in similar settings, in supporting students at the Australian Institute of Music, the National Institute of Dramatic Arts and other schools in the lead up to their musical productions.”

Elise said she is looking forward to working with IGS students.

“I would love to work with the students at IGS as they seem so energised and really excited by the rehearsal and production process,” she said.

Elise McCann originated the role of Miss Honey in the Australian company of the multi-award-winning Matilda The Musical from the Royal Shakespeare Company, inspired by the beloved book by the incomparable Roald Dahl.

Elise recently released an album, Dahlesque, that explores the fantastical imagination and sardonic world of the irrepressible Roald Dahl, in a gloriumptious irreverent and magical concert.

Written by Elise McCann and Richard Carroll, with Musical Arrangements by Stephen Amos, Dahlesque is directed by Sheridan Harbridge and Ben Gerrard, with musical direction by Stephen Amos. The original presentation was in Adelaide, with musical direction by Michael Tyack.