Green dream homes

Year 4 students have loved designing homes for a greener future.

Year 4 students immersed themselves in building their Green Dream Homes,” said Primary School Teresa Bertoli.

“The unit included a fabulous tour of Sydney’s Sustainable House by Michael Mobbs, and we had the wonderful ‘introduction to architecture’ talk by UTS Professor Anthony Burke via Zoom as he is on leave from Uni doing research and filming.

“We also had a Zoom presentation by Sustainability Engineer Jasyln Brown who spoke about the five most important features to making your home sustainable.

“We also had many parents offering to help but unfortunately time just got away with us.”

Ms Bertoli thanked everyone very much for their offers of assistance.

“The outcome was exceptional!

“The students reflected on the unit of work. Here are some of their comments.”

It was interesting to see other people’s creations. Evelyn

It was so much fun and I would love to live in my Green Dream Home with my friends. Aiden

I felt as though the Green Dream Home project was a test of my imagination. Swann

It was fun and creative to build our Green Dream Homes together. Amelia.

I loved learning about sustainability and how to take care of our planet. Penny

I loved working together as a team. Anaya

I enjoyed the building part of the unit. It not only taught us about sustainability but also brought us closer together. Maeve

I enjoyed the process of creating my speech and cooperating with Max in making my Green Dream Home. Oscar

It was interesting to learn about sustainability. Jai

I enjoyed getting to work with my friend and learning about ways of making a house sustainable. Astrid

I enjoyed hearing the experts giving us ideas and the steps in creating our home. Matilda

Congratulations to all involved!