Celebrating Laternenumzug

IGS Primary School students created lanterns to celebrate Laternenumzug.

In Germany, Laternenumzug is celebrated on 11 November in honour of St Martin’s Day. Acknowledging this special day, IGS Primary School students learned what Laternenumzug is and created lanterns in language class.

Assistant Head of Junior School Languages Machiko Ohta said “Our German teacher, Valentina Missio, introduced how and why people in Germany celebrate Laternenumzug.

“She also explained the Swiss-German traditions and how people in Switzerland use a vegetable called rüben to make a lantern.  

“Students enjoyed watching a video of children in Germany walking with lanterns in their hand.

“Students engaged in making their own special lantern. In Kindy German and Japanese class, they enjoyed marching with the lantern along the special Laternenumzug song together.”