Shopping in Kindy Japanese class

Our Kindergarten Japanese students have been exploring what we have and what we do in our community this term. One of the subtopics they have learnt was shops and students learned the names of shops, fruits and vegetables and simple expressions used for shopping.

In class, students engaged in a role-play. Taking turns, students enjoyed being a shop assistance and customer.

Using the learnt structure and phrases, they were busy selling and buying items.

“Irasshaimase! Irasshaimase!”exclaimed Oscar inviting customers to his book shop. Lachlan visited the shop and requested. “Hon o kudasai!”. “Hai dōzo.” Oscar said as he gave a book to Lachlan. Some students wanted to buy all the fruits at the shop. As they learned a new phrase “Zenbu kudasai” students lined up the shop to purchase all the fruits available.

Children loved the activity and couldn’t hide their excitement when they found out they could take the bag and items they had bought home.

It was great to see them using Japanese to communicate with their peers in a purposeful and fun way.