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It’s not a big surprise to anyone that International Day is easily one of the most exciting events of the year. With International Day finally returning to IGS after a three year pause due to the lockdown, the event was finally hosted and was a big hit for everyone.

But what did students really think of it? We asked High School to find out.

“I got to work at the Spanish stall and try new foods from different cultures – International Day is full of culture and it lets you connect with your background and the languages and cultures around you. It lets me be my authentic self at IGS.” Delfina Year 11 Gura

“International Day was actually really fun! It was my first and last one, and I hope it continues getting better! I had a HSC trial but I still got to go the food stalls, which were really nice and full of different cultures. The day had a good energy and I got to see the little kids and wander around with them – it’s rare for Primary and High to mix so this was good. I had a fun experience and it was a very well-planned event, and it was good to see people besides the language staff helping out and making the day awesome.” Jono Year 12 Bamal

“It was actually a really good event – the idea of having the food stalls on the roof was a bit annoying as it was hot, and things sold out really quickly, but I had a really good time doing the activities and having fun.” Holly Year 7 Gura

“I had a bit of a problem with running around to get to places – I think a lot of people did. International Day was a lot bigger this year which is a good and bad thing and it was really nice to see the little kids enjoying what might be their first International Day. I think it was a good time for most but Year 11 and 12 couldn’t participate in all the activities and the volunteering was a bit stressful.” Matilda Year 12 Gura

“The activities on International Day were incredibly fun and full of language. The food stalls were very crowded but they were good and I liked it a lot.” Eveline Year 7 Gura

Overall, a positive review! These are only some of the quotes and overall we think everyone seemed to have a good time!

Max Nemlich
Co-Editor, The IGS Telegraph

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