Walk for a Kinder World

The Primary SRC have launched the 'Walk for a Kinder World'.

This is a fundraising event for the Fly High Billie Foundation.

Earlier this year, we celebrated Be Kinder Day. A group of Year 5 students also attended the Kindness Convention. The Primary SRC are striving for Kindness to be spread across IGS!

The Primary SRC would love for everyone in our community to get involved. The B Kinder walk is a Month starting on 13 October ending on 13 November where you try and Walk, Swim, Cycle, Scooter and Run. While on your walk Swim Cycle or Scooter, you must do something kind to someone else, for example Giving someone a hug while on the walk or giving someone a letter in their mailbox.

The IGS community is encouraged to record their movement and kindness on this form on the donation page.