Alice Dreaming’s splendid performances

What an incredible play Alice Dreaming was! The play had four unforgettable performances and took the audience on a magical adventure through iconic sites across Australia. From Alice’s disappearance down the drain to her soul-enriching encounters with the Albatross and her soul mate, Rebecca, every scene was a work of art.

“Whenever we create a show, we run a gamut of emotions. It is very rare that everything comes together in the way we imagine it might. Our recent production of Alice Dreaming had all the usual challenges and a few more. Still, how everyone, from the Maintenance and Creative teams to the performers, pulled together meant that all those challenges were met head-on and conquered. 

“The funny thing about theatre is that it doesn’t matter where it is created or with what resources; it demands the same amount of passion and commitment. When those demands are realised, it is a magical experience. That’s why we keep making it.” says Alice Dreaming Director Mr Ned Manning.

Each presentation was a testament to the hard work, creativity and dedication of our talented students and staff. A huge thank you to our fantastic cast, crew, and everyone who supported Alice Dreaming along the way. Your enthusiasm and love for the arts made this production a true success.

Enjoy the gallery!