ELC Rooftop Visits

As IGS was widely empty during term break the staff and students in ELC enjoyed the opportunity to explore yet unseen parts of the school together.

“Mischa, Ada, Henrique, Archie, Ned, Huxley, Ellis, Harper, Christina and Amelie joined our little journey to the rooftop, full of excitement and wonder what we would find at the top of the building,” said Giulia Schmidt (German Educator)

“Walking up the many, many stairs Ned noted ‘This is an amazing exercise’.

“We took several stops on the way, checking the big windows and comparing each view to the level before. What could we see now that was hidden by the houses before? Is that what the bike track looks like from above?

“Then one last set of stairs and the door to the rooftop opened. Ellis had a look around, smiled and announced: ‘I like this place!’

“We moved to the tall fences that let us see the area around our school from a different perspective. Some children spotted Wentworth Park with its big trees, Broadway Shopping Centre or recognized certain buildings from the Skyline. Christina and Huxley decided to take mental pictures and a frequent click sound was heard as we looked down and around us.

“Archie reported ‘I can see the crown tower over there!’

“After exploring different parts of the rooftop and scenery we enjoyed the influence of a new space which sparks creativity and lets the mind change perspective as well. Even running in this new space seemed to feel different and in no time the group started to initiate their own round of ‘duck duck goose’.

“Once we were back to the ground floor our adventurers enthusiastically shared what they had seen with the remaining children in the playground. Together we decided to print some photos, which were then used to recap our trip. Equipped with a big paper and a sharpie-set we began a collaborative art work, which functioned as a reflection of our ‘mental pictures’, but also inspired the rest of the group to draw their own versions of Magpies, trees, stairs and skyscrapers,” said Giulia.