Speechie Library Talk hosted at IGS

Speechie Library Talk hosted at IGS

Our Bibliothèque, together with the Early Learning team, had the pleasure of hosting a Speechie Library Talk at IGS’s beautiful amphitheatre space. The School welcomed Speech Pathologist Kizzy Searle from Attuned Speech who shared important ways to support children while reading at home.

Parents and carers of children aged 0-5 years came to learn more about strengthening children’s language and literacy skills, how speech pathologists support language and literacy development, and resources available at local and school libraries.

Some insights shared by the speaker were:

  • When choosing books for 3 to 5-year-old children, make sure you read books that support interaction and learning of new words
  • Encourage interactions during book reading
  • Make reading part of everyday activity
  • Make it fun! Use silly voices, act out some actions, and use intonation to add emotion
  • Aim to read for 10-15 minutes, but only for as long as your child is engaged.

In this enriching event, parents discovered the keys to cultivating a love for reading and language in their little ones, ensuring a foundation of literacy that lasts a lifetime.

Communication Milestones assist parents and carers in finding a speech pathologist if they are unsure whether their 12-month to 5-year-old child is having difficulty with their speech, language and communication. Communications Milestones can be downloaded from the Speech Pathology Australia website for free.