Project Road Safety

During the term break staff in Early Learning continued to build understanding about road safety and invited the children to bring their own scooter or bike to school along with a well-fitted helmet.

The intention of this experience was for the children to not only see the wide range of scooters, bikes and helmets available, but also demonstrate their growing knowledge about how to use these items safely.

“The snippets of dialogue captured highlights that a fitted helmet is an important part of scootering or bike riding, even if it may not be the most desired accessory to wear. The main purpose of it is to protect one’s head from becoming hurt. Interestingly, a misconception was identified that prompted some children to engage in reciprocal dialogue: Did the helmet stop the children from falling or did it stop the children from being hurt, if they fell off their scooter or bike?

“For the teachers, it was interesting to hear the children verbalise that they preferred to wear their own helmets than the Early Learning ones. Why was this the case? What was it that made their own helmets different to the helmets we have at IGS? We are curious and eager to explore these many conversations during the weeks to come,” said Early Learning Extended Hours Coordinator and ELC Teacher Sonja Wiedenmaier.


“Early numeracy concepts such as speed, direction and numbers; developing gross motor coordination, strength and balance and using forward, critical and creative thinking skills while engaging in reciprocal dialogue were all part of the children’s learning and play. While demonstrating how to wear their own helmet and use their very own scooter was surely a highlight for the children, it was wonderful to see how respectful, kind and inclusive each of participants were in listening to each other, waiting for their own turn and asking their friends to help for support.

“For the adults it was a thought provoking experience that provided many reflection points for future learning. Where might our project journey lead to next? Which ideas and conversations could we use to fuel our learning in term four? How might the children use this experience to share their learning with others?” Sonja said.