Drama experience Zeal Theatre

Drama students recently attended Zeal Theatre's performance of Meltdown in the Commedia Playhouse at School.

Below are some student reactions following the performance.

Nell Brennan: Getting to witness performances by Zeal Theatre is always a treat and never goes unappreciated. Their astonishing abilities to immerse the audience into their stories is incomparable and watching Meltdown was a truly unforgettable experience. 

Here is a moment that I will describe that stood out for me. The theatre is silent. All focus remains on Zane and his father. His father holds his arm out, steering the car as they both soak in the lingering tension. Zane looks up at his father, seeming hopeful for a reaction, or simply an acknowledgement of the situation. The father turns his head, opening his mouth to say something to his wide-eyed son, but returns his focus to the road. Finally, when the tension in the theatre reaches its breaking point, the father utters the words Sorry for the meltdown

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to see this spectacular performance!

Ash Carter Brecht: “A truly engaging performance. A whole group of actors couldn’t  perform this as well. These guys are two of a kind.”

Hugo Deutsch: “It worked really well in conjunction with music which allowed them to set the tone throughout.”


Oliver Parry: “It was great to have a show with a male figure that I could relate to and empathise with. It really connected to my own personal experience. It was powerful.”

Akasha Hazard: “Zeal Theatre’s production of Meltdown was one of the most open, honest, humanist perspectives on the Australian family I’ve ever seen. Each character was crafted to a level of realism that was entirely immersive and fascinating, even with only two actors fluidly switching characters. I can’t wait to watch their next performance!”