English at The Retreat

Head of English Susie Bolt reports on the English Department workshop at The Retreat

On Thursday and Friday of last week the English Faculty had the great pleasure of heading to The Retreat for two days of planning, reflection and kangaroo watching! We set the wheels in motion back last year when we first heard about the exciting possibility of spending time together as a Faculty in this beautiful place. And so – after an early start last Thursday – following an essential coffee stop in Kangaroo Valley Village and a visit to Hampden Deli for catering provisions – we arrived at The Retreat to be greeted by caretaker, Dane, who had set up a roaring fire in the living room. That put an end to our first planning session being in the Yurt. Instead, we took to the living room like moths to the flame and began the important business of reflecting and planning as we bedded in to discuss and consider our English faculty vision, learning programs and the important business of implementation for the new English Curriculum Years 7-10 for 2024.
After a quick break, where we sat down at the long table together to enjoy lunch and observe a family of curious kangaroos, it was back to the fire where we battled it out to consider our text choices for 2024. This was followed with a return to the long table for board games and group dinner, manned by Head Chef, Mr Tim Lester – who had us all chopping carrots and potatoes to prepare for a delicious feast. 
It was a gift to be able to spend this time together in such a magical space. Important conversations, essential work and planning were achieved. It offered a moment out of time to reflect, refine and celebrate what it is we do. Here’s to The Retreat and its many possibilities.