Competing in Chinese

IGS Primary School students will take part in the 'Hello Mandarin' Recitation Competition.

This competition encourages students to learn Chinese and improve their self-confidence in public speaking. Competitors rehearse poems and/or stories in Mandarin and then perform their speech in front of an audience.

The competition is jointly organised by the Sydney Recitation Arts Group and the Chinese Language Teachers Association of NSW.

This initiative promotes enthusiasm in young Australians learning Chinese and enhances their oral skills. This competition will be held from February to May 2022 in schools in NSW, with the grand final to take place on 3 or 4 May in Sydney.

A huge thank you to Mandarin teacher Linda Gu for organising and supporting our students to perform at their very best.

Congratulations and best wishes to the IGS competitors, who include Sidney and Wanying (Alice) from Kindy; Stephen, Caitlin, Claire, Joshua, Alexander, Maya and William from Year 1; and Livia, Sarina and Aanya from Year 2.

We also congratulate Margot, Jade, Parker, Jane, Shanru, Maya and Satya from Year 3.