Celebrating slices of Pi

Mathematics students and staff celebrated Pi Day in class.

Kai of Year 8, started memorising Pi since he was in Year 4 and said “I have a lot of fun in Maths.”

Alessia said “Practising reciting pi with my friends was very fun and hard work. But when I got third place it was like an extra reward.”

“Students had lots of fun trying to memorise the digits of pi through either singing a song or reciting the numbers aloud very quickly.

“The top three winners were Kai, who recited 55 digits, followed by Timo, who recited 37 digits and Alessia, who recited 28 digits,” Lisa said.

“The mini pies at the canteen were very popular with many students having pie for morning tea.”

We thank Assistant Head of Mathematics Lisa Lin and her team for our IGS successful Pi Day 2022 and International Maths Day celebrations.