Alum of the Year Nominations

IGS produces people who make a difference… here are two more nominations for 2023 Alum of the Year


NAYS BAGHAI 2015 Underwater film maker, photographer and adventurer.

I would like to nominate Nays Baghai for the 2023 IGS Alum of the Year.

He has undertaken underwater adventures, pushed his own limits and made some beautiful art along the way. Nays has had a lifelong fascination with the ocean and what lies beneath the waves and he is now exploring other underwater environments. Not only is he producing world standard films and photos, he is also making films that make a difference. His film “Descent” is a case in point. If you have not seen it, you should.  I have included a link to the trailer to “whet’ your appetite. Nays is an inspirational young man, who is a fine example of an IGS Alum.

Descent – Dutch ice freediver Kiki Bosch swims in the world’s coldest waters without a wetsuit.

PATRICK COGHLAN 2003  CEO and founding employee of Creditor Watch.

Hey. Just putting my two cents in for 2023 IGS Alum of the Year. I would like to nominate Patrick Coghlan from the Class of 2003. He is an innovator, a communicator and a leader in an industry that needs all three. Patrick’s team building and growing of his company’s workplace culture has been inspiring. In a time where the bottom line is all so important, Patrick has placed value on the human aspects of his business. He has encouraged and rewarded loyalty and buy-in with his employees and this has made Creditor Watch a place that people want to work at and want to stay at. In fact, it was rated in the top ten best places to work in the finance sector by AFR BOSS. I applaud Patrick’s attitude and just wanted his efforts acknowledged.