Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Children’s Day a joy

IGS Early Learning children enjoyed a rich range of activities during Children's Day.

Enjoy this snapshot of activities in Early Learning for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Children’s Day and the actions that will build on them. 
Bundaluk Class Teacher Candice Ramrack:
As a celebration of this special day, we explored the universal language of children everywhere, which is music and dance.
In order to provide links to our current language topic of Animals, the children were asked to identify Australian animals before using their body to demonstrate how these animals move. Using traditional Aboriginal instruments such as clapping sticks and recordings of the Didgeridoo we turned these movements into dance.
Garrawan Class Teacher Michelle O’Reilly:
Garrawan have been recreating story symbols, reading indigenous stories and creating their version of an Aboriginal flag. We’ve also watched a video about storytelling and how important it is to the aboriginal culture. As well as using the word Yaama for greeting one another. 
Burraga Class Educator Huong Le:
Burraga has embarked on a Dharug Animal Picture Book project. The idea has emerged from the Language Program focus on vocabulary about animals and the Indigenous Totem project. Educator Huong Le invited the children to choose their animal then choose which medium to create their artwork for example drawing/painting, mixed media.
Next, the children contributed the Dharug word in their own writing, for example using “Mariong” for emu.
Yet to commence, the next stage will involve the children taking a photo of their artwork and the written word and, using the Book Creator app on the iPad, we will integrate the use of technology by allowing the children to insert the photos, add their voice and type out their names to complete their contribution to the book.
Upon completion of the book creating process, we can then print out a hard copy to put in the bookshelf for the children to revisit and make multiple copies to share with the other classrooms or shared reading areas.