Kindergarten Japanese go shopping

Our Kindergarten students of Japanese have been learning about our community and enjoying putting their new skills into action.

“Kindy Japanese students have been learning about our community,” said Assistant Head of Junior School Languages (Asian Languages) Machiko Ohta.

“One of the subtopics was shops, and students learned the names of shops, fruits and vegetables. 

“In class, students engaged in a vegetable and fruits shop dramatic play. Taking turns, students took part in of the shop assistant role and customer role.

“Using the learnt structure and phrases, they were busy buying fruits and vegetables. ‘Painappuru o kudasai!’ called out Winton. ‘Hai dōzo.’ Hana said as she gave him a pineapple.

“The students loved this activity and it was great to see them using Japanese to communicate with their peers in a fun way” Machiko concluded.