Early Learners inspired by group drumming

Early Learning children have welcomed their new instrument, the gathering drum.

“From keeping the beat to exploring tempo, spatial intelligence, language development, phrasing and developing fine motor skills, we are at the tip of the iceberg in beginning to explore what the children are musically capable of with the new instrument,” said Early Childhood Music Specialist Amelia Scarf.

“In Term 1, the children have been exploring beat keeping individually; tapping the beat on their knees, shoulders, heads, feet and with tapping sticks.

“This gathering drum (or group drumming) has created an endless source of inspiration as it helps them to observe and imitate their peers through timing, coordination, dynamics, tempo and so much more.

“Seeing the children look to one another in awe of the beat being kept in perfect syncronisation is such a special moment to be a part of.”

Amelia said the drum encourages experimentation, personal expression and play.

“It allows every child to feel comfortable enough to express themselves individually while feeling a sense of belonging to the rest of the team.

“This is just the beginning of our latest instrument addition and we can’t wait to see what music the children will create with it next.”