A lighthouse school for student wellbeing

To support our students' wellbeing, IGS provides a multi-level student care team.

The Primary School Home Class teachers develop a thorough knowledge of each student and their concerns, consult with parents and engage other members of the primary student care team when necessary. Similarly, the High School Tutors, who travel with the same tutor group from year 7 through to year 12, get to know each student in a much more comprehensive way. They liaise closely with the students’ Heads of House to note concerns and arrange further support as needed. Their positions are supported by the school counsellors who are also available to all students and parents.


Today parents face a multitude of modern-day challenges in raising happy, well, and resilient young people. Whilst there is a great deal of information available, this can often be confusing and overwhelming for parents looking for guidance.

SchoolTV is an online resource designed to empower you as parents with credible and sound information with realistic, practical ongoing support strategies.

Every month from February to November, a new topic is published for you to review. Take the time to explore each series and topic and make sure you visit the resources section. Here you will find useful factsheets, apps, books, websites and other additional videos – all on one single topic! View the International Grammar School page here.

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