Student Care

A lighthouse school for student wellbeing

To support our students' wellbeing, IGS provides a multi-level student care team.

The Primary School Home Class teachers develop a thorough knowledge of each student and their concerns, consult with parents and engage other members of the primary student care team when necessary. Similarly, the High School Tutors, who travel with the same tutor group from year 7 through to year 12, get to know each student in a much more comprehensive way. They liaise closely with the students’ Heads of House to note concerns and arrange further support as needed. Their positions are supported by the school counsellors who are also available to all students and parents.

Home Class for Primary School

The Home Class system in Kindergarten to Year 6 provides students with a room that they can call their own. The Home Class teacher is responsible for the academic and social welfare of each child in the class and provides the first point of contact for parents.

The Home Class teachers work closely together as a cohesive team to ensure a consistent approach toward all students in a year group. At the end of the school year, the Home Class teacher provides an accurate picture of the progress of every student in their care to each child’s next teacher.

Tutor Groups for High School

Within the student care structure for the High School, each student is placed in a Tutor Group with students across all Years 7 to 12. This ‘vertical streaming’ enhances our students’ connectedness. Meeting daily, the Tutor Group provides the opportunity for students to build a personal relationship with a teacher, and the chance to build solid relationships with students from all years in the High School.

The Tutor is responsible for overseeing student development throughout the high school years. Each Tutor Group is part of a House.

House System

Houses provide a small, inclusive substructure within the School. Interpersonal relationships and co-operation are encouraged within the four Houses: Kuyal, Baado, Bamal and Gura.

With the support of the student care team, the Houses are a way of facilitating a sense of belonging as well as providing a vehicle to empower and involve all students. The Head of House has responsibility for overseeing the wellbeing program for students within the House.