A great start to school, at International Grammar School

Bienvenue, herzlich willkommen, ようこそ, benvenuto, bienvenido, 你好! Welcome to International Grammar School.

Learning in Kindergarten

At IGS, we value personal achievement. In an environment where every child is known and valued, the mastery of foundation skills such as reading, writing and basic mathematics progresses to deeper, limitless learning, bringing new experiences and springboarding off children’s personal interests.

Key learning areas of the curriculum for Kindergarten students include Languages, Music, English, Mathematics, Human Society and Its Environment (HSIE), Science and Technology, Creative Arts and Personal Development, Health and Physical Education (PDHPE).

Music, sport and creative education programs add to the vibrant IGS learning environment.

Dedicated and qualified music teachers are a valued part of our richly stimulating environment at IGS. So too are the teachers of our physical education, creative and academic education programs who help our students make the most of all their opportunities throughout the years at IGS.

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Kindergarten and Languages

Research has shown that the window of opportunity for language acquisition is optimal in early childhood and reduces as we age, so starting language lessons in the early years is ideal.

At IGS, your child will experience partial bilingual immersion in Italian, Japanese, French, Chinese [Mandarin] or German as part of the curriculum.

Neurological evidence indicates that learning other languages provides cognitive benefits in memory recall and problem solving tasks, as well as depth of comprehension and applied knowledge.

Learning another language also benefits the development of social skills, connecting us to others in new ways, enhancing empathy for different cultures and expanding our identity.

Every language offers a key to another heritage, another way of looking at the world, and another full set of opportunities.

About our Kindergarten Teachers

The unique IGS languages program features native speakers and specialised languages staff, and our early years educators and other teachers are all experienced and university qualified.

With the motto Unity Through Diversity, IGS welcomes diversity. More than 25 languages are spoken at home by our teaching and non-teaching staff.

IGS teachers’ qualifications are either from a higher education institution within Australia or are recognised within the National Office of Overseas Skills Recognition (AEINOOSR) guidelines.

Meet IGS Head of Stage 2 Julia Preece.

Kindergarten Readiness

All children are individuals developing at their own pace – physically, socially, emotionally, and cognitively.

While some students enter IGS Kindergarten speaking clearly in complex sentences, other skills such as counting to 10 and beyond, the ability to follow simple instructions, and the ability to distinguish between fact and fiction, for example, will continue to develop during their Kindergarten year.

Tristan's First Day of Kindergarten at IGS

Extended hours care

Kindergarten classes run from 8.30am to 3pm, with extended drop-off supervision from 7.30am, and out-of-school-hours care (OSHC) available to 6pm.

The Early Learning program runs from 8.35am to 3pm during School terms, with extended hours care available at IGS from 7.30am to 6pm and during term break.

Find out more about IGS before and after school care for Kindergarten students, as well as our vacation care and holiday-based program, by visiting our Amenities page.

A connected Community

The early learning years are a gentle and supportive introduction to life at IGS. The IGS Parents, Teachers and Friends Association (PTF) includes parent and caregiver volunteers who organise social occasions for families in each year group throughout the School to connect outside the school environment. In the early years, including Kindergarten, these activities include family picnics and parent and caregiver social evenings.

PTF Representatives also support teacher initiatives around community engagement and sustainability.