Early Learning

Open-ended, child-directed learning

We provide a dynamic program which encourages children to explore and discover their world. Central to this is the learning of Languages and Music.

At IGS, we harness the natural curiosity and energy of our youngest learners. We draw upon a broad mix of theories and philosophies in early childhood education to ensure children enjoy new and exciting opportunities for developmental play and in-depth learning.


Preschool and Transition

IGS recognises the early learning years (Preschool and Transition) as crucial. By fostering natural curiosity and creativity, we help form the foundation of future learning. Through our fun and stimulating program, children have the opportunity to drive their learning, ask questions, ponder and challenge ideas and actively engage in new experiences.

Learning from investigations is powerful. It is through play that children internalise concepts and learn to share, cooperate and communicate with one another.

We focus on open-ended, child-directed learning. We want to create memories with experiences that stimulate imagination, creativity, decision making and problem solving.

Our Classes

We have four classes: two Preschool (for 3 year olds) and two Transition (for 4 year olds). Children can attend for two (Mondays and Tuesdays), three (Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays) or five days. 

Early Learning hours are from 9am to 3/3.30pm. Before School Care is available from 7.30am onwards, and After School Care is available until 6pm. At IGS, care is also available during vacation periods, from 7.30am to 6pm.

Languages & Music

At IGS, bilingual language immersion and music lessons begin in Preschool.

The daily program includes a 30-minute language lesson in either French, German, Italian, Chinese or Japanese. Language is natural and authentic, and children are exposed to their second language through songs, rhymes and games.

Music is an integral part of the program. Lessons take place for 20 minutes each day and are taught by our specialist music staff using the Orff Schulwerk method, as children like to sing, clap, dance, chant rhymes and make rhythms using their hands or a variety of instruments.