Young Hearts, Helping Hands: Giving Back with Cook4Good

Recently, Danny Mason-Kinder, CEO and founder of the b kinder movement, extended an invitation for a small group of Year 5 and 6 IGS students to participate in a Kids Giving Back – Cook4Good workshop. This activity is well aligned with our broader IGS Connect program.

On Tuesday 31 October our students, accompanied by Head of Out of Hours Care David Engelbert, attended the workshop at the Paddington Hub. They helped prepare a substantial quantity of delicious and nutritious meals full of colour and flavour. These meals were subsequently donated for distribution to the homeless community. 

The session was very hands-on and deeply meaningful for our students. They found the program, which included an informal discussion about homelessness, engaging and interactive. Students Aurora and Maya said they had a great day, had fun and felt good about doing something for others and at the same time learnt a lot about the great work that Kids Giving Back do.

Kids Giving Back, a Not-for-Profit service learning organisation, aims to build generous generations and prescribes to the EAR philosophy – Education, Action and Reflection. 

“We had an incredible day. Our students fully engaged with the program. The Kids Giving Back – Cook4Good workshop is a well-considered opportunity for young students to take constructive action and gain insights into issues around homelessness within a supportive and positive environment. 

“I look forward to further collaboration with Kids Giving Back as it aligns perfectly with our School’s ethos and the IGS Connect program”,  Mr Engelbert said.

About IGS Connect

IGS Connect is designed to instil a sense of altruism in our Primary School and Middle School students, fostering the development of courageous, altruistic, and adaptable individuals. It includes volunteering with Not-for-Profit Organisations and causes, allowing our students to gain a deeper understanding of the experiences of others and to give back to the community.