Year 7 Journey Begins at Camp

There was much excitement as Year 7 students shouldered their packs and set out for their first High School camp.

On Wednesday, after only a week of High School, Year 7 set off on their first outdoor education camp.

Year 7 camp is not only a chance for students to be challenged outdoors through partaking in activities including canoeing and bush skills.

The hands-on, group experiences help forge new friendships as the students get to know new classmates and transition together from Primary into High School.

Year 7 has been a wonderful group to share camp with this week and these bonds will be held together for many years. The staff and I have been very impressed, as have the Southbound team,” noted Head of Year 7 Jodie Blacker. 

“They return full of stories and are excited about their adventures. Hopefully, they are also well worn out and sleepy.”

We can’t wait to hear more stories when the students and staff return to IGS on Monday.