Year 5 Japanese festivities

Year 5 students of Japanese marked the end of the year with their own "omatsuri" (festival).

If you walked past the Year 5 Japanese classroom this week you would have heard them calling out “Irasshaimase, irasshaimase!” a phrase meaning “Come on in!” in Japanese.

That is because students were enjoying their own little omatsuri (festival) in class to mark the end of term. 

The phrase is a polite greeting used primarily to welcome customers who are entering a store or restaurant in Japan. 

During the role play activity, students pretended to be customers and shop-owners, engaging in dialogues about what items they wanted and how much they cost.

The activity was a chance for students to use the new phrases they have learnt this term as part of their studies of events and festivals in Japan. 

As part of this unit, students also learnt the names of food and activities people in Japan enjoy as part of their national festivals and revised the phrases used for shopping.

IGS wishes every member of the community joy this festive season!