Year 5 explore the world of maths

Mathematics has jumped off the whiteboard and into the hands of our students.

The World of Maths provides an interactive travelling maths show aimed at encouraging students to see how what they learn in class can be applied to the real world. 

“We have hidden all kinds of complex maths problems in our activities,” explained the program facilitator Soo Chen Low. 

“This means students instead focus on the full sensory experience to come up with solutions – listening, watching, reading, speaking, and manipulating ideas with their hands.”

“Maths is usually not my favourite subject, but this has been quite fun,” said Year 5 student Ethan, who particularly enjoyed the “music from maths” activity. 

Two other students, Grace and William, were deep in focus.

“We are using the mirror to make different shapes and then we are writing down the anges,” explained Grace. 

Soo Chen Low explained that often children had a warped idea of what maths is and how it can be applied.

“Maths is not just equations on the whiteboard,” she explained. “It’s everywhere we look, and I think getting students to understand that can really change their attitude towards maths!”