Fuelling Curiosity: IGS Primary School Science Fest 2023

IGS Science Festival has been an exhilarating celebration of science and technology, offering various engaging and educational opportunities for students across the Primary School. This year’s theme ‘Innovation’ was embedded across different activities.

Students participated in a host of distinct events, from live webinars with the likes of Corey Tutt from Deadly Science to Dr. Karl Kruszelnicki looking at the causes of bushfires, science experiments completed home classes and the fantastic incursions by our own Science Department led by Head of Department Liz Turner and Physics Teacher David Cameron.

These incursions, prepared and delivered by our High School Science Department, focused on innovations that have occurred due to space exploration and flight. Students in Years 3, 4 and 6 participated in hands-on activities, looking at paper aeroplanes, helicopters, drones, and rovers. In Kindergarten to Year 2, students looked at chemical reactions that engineers must consider when exploring planets like Mars, different extreme temperatures, balloon rockets and rovers. Finally, our Year 5 students, as part of their ongoing collaboration with Newington College Lindfield, are looking at innovations in biosecurity efforts and creating insect traps to collect samples of future invasive species in intra-school teams.

From exploring innovation in space to tackling real-world challenges like biosecurity, this event underscores the importance of science in our lives. These activities have furthered our students’ curiosity an engagement, and complemented the School’s Science curriculum to embrace the wonders of the Universe and the limitless potential of human curiosity and innovation.