Year 4 students’ language abilities impress

Students showcased their language skills with a variety of performances.

On Wednesday, Year 4 students performed at a Languages Assembly in Chinese, Japanese, German and French. The student groups performed a mix of songs, skits and dances.

The assembly kicked off with Japanese students, who recently learnt about the capital city of Japan, Tokyo. They introduced Sensoji Temple, Tokyo Dome, the Ghibli Museum, Tokyo Sky Tree and Kokugikan with a short dialogue. Students enjoyed wearing Japanese traditional costumes (Yukata and Happi), singing with movement and performing a Japanese traditional dance and the well-known dynamic ‘Soran Bushi’ dance.  Japanese Teacher Noriko Yamanaka remarked, “All students contributed to create wonderful Japanese performances!”

French students performed a song all about ‘Le petit déjeuner’. Students enjoyed learning about different breakfast foods through music in the classroom and chose this fun song to showcase that. The students especially emphasised their love of croissants in the song with creative dance moves.

German students orchestrated a role play during the assembly, showcasing tourist attractions in Berlin. Through a creative sightseeing bus tour format, they highlighted the city’s renowned landmarks and shared interesting facts with the audience.

Chinese students performed the show ‘Super Idol’s Smile’. They did a fabulous job showing their confidence, movements and extraordinary Chinese language skills. “They put a lot of effort into practicing and they deserved this success,” said Chinese Teacher Stephen Gu.

Congratulations to all of our Year 4 students on their successful performances!