Year 12 students work through term break

Many IGS senior students spent part of their holidays on campus, preparing their HSC Major Works and practising exam techniques.

HSC workshops included Italian Beginners, Italian Continuers, French Continuers, Chinese Continuers, German Continuers, German Beginners, Legal Studies and Mathematics Advanced.

Textiles, Visual Arts, Spanish Beginners, Economics, Humanities, Chemistry, Design and Technology, Mathematics Standard, English Advanced, English and Philosophy, and Mathematics Extension 1 and 2 students also attended workshops.

“The goal of the sessions is to consolidate course content, provide opportunities for mentoring of students and for the provision of feedback,” said IGS Deputy Principal Academic Operations Lisa Kelliher.

“Some sessions also seek to extend students’ knowledge and understanding.

“I’m very grateful to our staff for their generosity in giving of their time this way and have no doubt of the benefit for our students.”

Year 12 students and accelerated Year 11 students will undergo their trial examinations from Week 1 to Week 6 this term.

We wish our Class of 2022 all the best as they complete their formal schooling this term!