Year 12 students attend Sydney Schools Careers Convention

Careers Advisor Amelia Phillips accompanied Year 12 students as they attended the Sydney Schools Careers Convention, which took place on 5 June at Sydney Grammar School. The event is held annually on the first Monday of June. Participating schools included Newington, SCEGGS, Wenona, IGS, St Andrews, Emanuel and Ascham.

The event was an excellent opportunity for our students to engage directly with a range of tertiary institutions and gather the necessary information to help them refine their career and study options upon graduation. Students first visited the expo to speak with college and university representatives before attending lectures. The lectures consisted of a range of 30-minute talks covering industry trends, current and emerging careers and applying to universities in NSW, interstate and overseas.

One of the speakers was IGS parent Tiara Valder, who spoke about careers in media, film and advertising. Tiara is a creative director at Emotive Agency and co-founder of Parlour.  She started her career in film and television and has an MA in creative writing. She spoke about her love of storytelling and drive to support progressive female voices. She also talked about her early career working as a PA, and how she found her way to becoming a creative director who has created dance films with Serena Williams for Berlei, shot the All Blacks in their undies, created an image library for women on Getty, and most recently covered a woman in bees for Google. The lecture was followed by a Q&A session with the students.

Our Year 12 students expressed their appreciation for this opportunity, with one remarking “it’s so helpful to attend these events – it really is a great way to find out about the many opportunities ahead of us.”