Tutor Groups regroup

The return of Tutor Groups this week was welcomed by IGS High School students of all ages.

Until this week, to minimise the spread of COVID, students remained in cohorts, in the same spaces as others of the same age.

However, with the recent relaxation of restrictions in NSW, students have been able to mingle once more. Students welcomed the move.

“It’s just nice to see all the different year groups we used to see every day,” said Eva of Year 9. “It’s nice for the Year 7s to see how everything rolls on the usual basis.”

Archie of Year 12 agreed. “It’s good to have that routine back. I missed it. It’s good to meet everyone in the morning and to talk to others.”

Luella of Year 8 said it was great to be back with people, including those in older grades, and Gemma said it was a great opportunity to make friends with fellow students in other year groups.