2023 Principal’s Reading Challenge launches in the Bibliothèque

A growing body of research has demonstrated the numerous benefits of reading for pleasure, which, along with increased academic success, also include many socio-emotional benefits.

Key to fully realising the benefits of reading is student choice. Strong evidence suggests that most children are more likely to read for pleasure if they can choose their own reading materials.

The Principal’s Reading Challenge aims to promote student choice, interest and motivation to read with a variety of reading challenges that foster exploration, engagement, and above all enjoyment.

All students in Early Learning and the Primary School will be encouraged to participate in the Principal’s Reading Challenge, with students in Year 7 and 8 given the option to participate if they wish.

Participants will have from Week 2, Term 2 until Week 2, Term 3 to complete the challenge, which ends on 31 July 2023.

There will be a number of incentives along the way, including bookmarks, ice blocks, ‘treasure’ from our reading chest, and the Principal’s Certificate of Achievement for students who complete the entire challenge.

Copies of the reading challenge leaflet will be distributed to students during Bibliothèque lessons.

We look forward to seeing IGS students flourish in this challenge as they partake in the pleasures of reading!