Year 10 Student Amelie Tottenham participates in UNSW Work Experience Program

Amelie writes to us about the week.

In Term 2, I did a weeklong work experience at UNSW centred around engineering. I met and befriended many people from diverse backgrounds and lifestyles who came from places like Orange and Newcastle, but also from my own neighbourhood! It was an amazing experience to attend lectures on the UNSW campus. Various types of engineering were explored during my work experience such as civil engineering and chemical engineering. This was taught through a mix of university-style lectures and hands-on activities.

I really enjoyed learning about the applications of a degree in engineering and future career opportunities. We also visited a few companies, including Jacobs and Richard Crookes Constructions. We were able to speak with their teams, which was a valuable experience because it provided me with insight into the industry. I was interested in the engineering work study because of the vast applications and roles engineers can contribute to working in large teams. Overall, it was an incredible experience and something that definitely can help me figure out what I want to do for a future career!

Amelie Tottenham
Year 12 Student