Classroom to Stage: Drama abounds

Director of Dramatic Arts Rita Morabito reports

Drama outside of the classroom began this year with students visiting the Seymour Centre to see HSC Major work excellence at OnSTAGE. Performances, films, design and critical analysis works were on display in the theatre and foyer.

This week our Drama students had the wonderful experience viewing RBG; Of Many, One, at the Drama Theatre Sydney Opera House. This play sees a return season of the Ruth Bader Ginsburg story which showcases Heather Mitchell’s virtuosic acting in this one-woman show. This critically acclaimed production is of particular interest to our Drama students who study how to create a character and command the audience in solo and group performance pieces.

This is the story of one incredible woman, her inspiring rise to the highest office in the American judiciary, the complex decisions she grappled with during that period and the numerous civil rights causes she defended. At the same time, this is a dioramic study of the power of the individual in society, and the changing attitudes toward representation and inclusion over the last 50 years.
(STC show notes)

After the show, Heather Mitchell generously answered our student’s questions with a depth of experience and knowledge. The entire experience was a Masterclass for all in attendance! 

Mitchell has since reported “It was a really amazing crowd of young people to perform for.” STC are grateful for our students’ thoughtful questions in the post-show Q&A  and hope they have fuelled further discussions back in the classroom.

Additionally, this term, Drama students have auditioned for roles in A Midsummer Night’s Dream which will be directed by the immensely talented Damien Ryan from Sport for Jove and assisted by IGS Alum and Drama tutor Isabella Milkovitsch.

The IGS Drama Department is thrilled to provide rich experiences which fuel deeper learning and cultivate authentic creative self expression.