Year 12 Class of 2023 Graduation Dinner

Year 12’s celebration was a perfect send-off to new beginnings. The students celebrated the end of their studies with a formal Graduation Dinner at Montage. Joined by proud parents, family and teachers, it was a night to remember. Congratulations to the Class of 2023! 🥂✨

IGS Principal Shauna Colnan congratulated the Class of 2023 and wished them well. “My advice is to follow your passions. Do what you love. Listen to your heart. Follow love. Take action. Be kind. Have courage. Be less afraid. Go for it! I wish each and every one of you the best of luck and great joy as you leave school!”

On behalf of the students, Head Boy Sami Lightfoot thanked the School community saying, “I’d like to thank all of our parents and families for supporting and guiding us through this challenging and momentous year of our lives. Thank you for working so hard to send us to such a special and unique school, which we have learned to love as our second home.

“Thank you to the parents and to the PTF who have organised countless events for our year group, which have helped us grow and bond as a cohort.

“Finally, I would like to thank everyone in our year group. This year has been absolutely incredible, and we have made so many fond memories with each other. We have come together and supported each other during times of hardship, and laughed and celebrated with each other during our triumphs.

“The connection we have as a year is so special, and it will be hard to move out of our IGS home this Friday. However, we can all look back at this year with a sense of pride and gratitude, and cherish the incredible memories we have made
together this year.”

Head Girl Charlotte Waley thanked the staff at IGS for their support. She began by thanking Head of Year 12 Stephen Pace saying “We are so lucky to have had you as our head of year and for your consistent support. You’ve guided us through difficult times, and we are tremendously grateful for your organisation, positive energy, and for making our final year here so unforgettable”. 

Charlotte thanked IGS Principal Shauna Colnan “for her devotion to enriching our education and for bolstering creativity within our year group. You have made an indelible impression on our cohort and we thank you for your inspiring words at every assembly, which have shaped our journey here at IGS, from preschool, until now”.

Charlotte continued to thank the wider IGS team saying, “the IGS staff make up our community, and have played integral roles in guiding us through our schooling, so on behalf of our year group, I would like to express our eternal gratitude for every single person that has been apart of our IGS experience. The teachers from every department, the deputy’s, the cleaners, the lollipop lady, the people who work at the canteen, just to name a few, have all shaped the people who we have become today”.   

Having started at IGS in preschool, Charlotte said, “I am so lucky to have grown up within such an inclusive, vibrant and accepting community, so I would like to thank my incredible year group, who have made my time here so special. Our experiences are shaped by those who we are surrounded by, and now that we are within our final days, we can reflect on how lucky we are to have had each other by our sides every step of the way. We’ve grown together, we’ve learned together and now we graduate together. 

“Thank you for everything, our Class of 2023 will never be forgotten!”

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