Year 11 face the future

An engaging week of fresh activities united Year 11 students as they face their HSC and beyond.

The IGS Class of 2023 enjoyed team building exercises, were challenged academically and questioned their own mindsets throughout SAGE Week.

Students took to Wentworth Park on Monday, tasked with completing eight activities in their house groups designed by staff from the faculties of Mathematics, Science, Humanities, Art, Drama, Music, PDHPE and Languages.

Congratulations to Bamal for triumphing across all tasks.

Later in the week, at Boston University’s lecture theatres on Regent Street, guest lecturers and academics presented to the students on how to best prepare for their English Advanced and English Standard HSC courses.

Then, in Chippendale, facilitators from United Nations Youth Australia took the students through a series of workshops and debates.

Students discussed contemporary world issues and improved their critical thinking, speaking and reasoning skills. They also grew their understanding of how the United Nations General Assembly operates.

Student were also able to focus on their assessments and gain a detailed understanding from Deputy Principal Academic Thom Marchbank and Head of Academic Data Dean Mackrell of how HSC assessments are calculated, all aimed at preparing them to face the HSC with greater knowledge and confidence.