Year 10 in Tasmania: Writing the Island

The unique IGS SAGE Program took IGS Year 10 students to Tasmania for the week and freed their imaginations.

Immersed in a mix of pristine, historic, artistic and other environments, students analysed their surroundings and allowed their imaginations to crackle and spark.

Some students wrote poetry for the first time, others created art installations from natural materials, wrote detailed diaries as they trekked through wilderness, or created movies in various genres.

“What an amazing experience we are having here on the Wukalina Walk,” said Coordinator of Indigenous
Partnerships/Languages Teacher Lucy Howard-Shibuya and PDHPE teacher Lucy Haynes.

“We have seen so much beauty and learnt about Culture and language along with the important history of this part of Australia.

“The native foods infused in our meals has been a bonus…kangaroo burgers as well as scallops with native herbs and mutton bird cooked over the fire!!

“The Traditional Owners and guides have been incredible teaching us about their culture and traditions as we walk through this beautiful part of lutriwita.

“We spent one afternoon making clapping sticks and jewellery. Thank you.”

The Wukalina Walk was just one of the mix of SAGE experiences available. It was run by the palawa, the original peoples of lutruwita, who shared their perspective, stories and connection to Country with IGS students.

A number of the students will go on to take Aboriginal Studies at IGS next year.