Year 10 Drama master melodrama

This term students studied soap operas and melodrama, culminating in a fun performance for Year 4!

“This term the class has worked hard to master comedic trips, slips, collisions, and falls. They looked at slapstick comedy, what makes them laugh, their favourite comedians, and classic comedy routines,” said Director of Dramatic Arts Rita Morabito. 

Students studied soap operas and Melodrama history and style, culminating in a fun performance assessment where they performed a self-devised script and plot for an enthusiastic audience of Year 4 students.

“The sound of tiny footsteps filled the theatre matching the beat of my heart until the beating and the noises all stopped as soon as my foot touched the stage,” said Molly. “It was fun to show Year 4 our learnings and encourage them to take drama when they get older.” 

“I played ‘Saggio’, which means smart in Italian, (ironic because he is the “idiot detective”),” explained Teadhg. “The role was designed to provide comedic relief, but close to the end of the play there’s a twist because my character, against all odds, manages to put all the clues together and solves the case!” 

“On reflection, the assessment and the preparation were very fun,” said Year 10 Student Aashray. “I enjoyed the process starting with making up a plot, casting for roles, rehearsal and ending with the performance. Once I was in character everything was a lot easier. The large actions took a while to get attuned to but once I got them, it stuck and they were a lot easier. The costume selection was very good.” 

“Everyone worked exceptionally hard and worked well together. I am excited to continue to work collaboratively with my group as the year goes on,” said Year 10 student Nikita. 

The performers were met with rousing applause as they took their final bow. “What a wonderful way to flourish at school through Drama! Congratulations to all!” commented their proud teacher.