Year 10 Bamal students Give Back with compassion

In a display of empathy and engagement, our Bamal Year 10 students took part in the ‘Kids Giving Back’ program on Tuesday 17 October, as part of our evolving IGS Connect program. The budding relationship between our school and this charity is blossoming, much to the excitement of all involved. This initiative is a testament to our commitment to social responsibility.

The ‘Kids Giving Back’  program provided our students with an opportunity to contribute to the local homeless community. It’s a transformative experience that enriches their understanding of pressing issues related to social justice and welfare. The Bamal Year 10 students had the privilege of sitting down with Jaz Sue, the passionate program coordinator for ‘Kids Giving Back,’ who guided them through a thought-provoking discussion on matters concerning the welfare and social justice of the homeless.

Under Jaz Sue’s guidance the students crafted a plan to orchestrate a collection drive through their Tutor Groups. The goal? To assemble heartfelt care packages brimming with essential items for the homeless. In a beautiful touch, students also wrote notes of encouragement and support, which will accompany these care packages, offering hope to those in need. One of our students commented “When I wrote the card I wanted to reassure them and make sure they don’t feel like they are alone”.

Other student reflections included:

“We learnt that homeless means ‘no fixed address’. This could mean couch surfing. They don’t have any way to receive information which makes getting help difficult.”

“There are lots of children 10 years and younger that are homeless. This can be caused by natural disasters but also because home is not safe.”

“I want to let my homeless person know that they are brave and that they can get through this.”

More to come

To capture this day’s essence and share it with the entire Bamal House, our Year 10 students have embarked on an important project: crafting a documentary that promises to be a moving chronicle of their work with ‘Kids Giving Back’.

The giving spirit continues to thrive as we look ahead to upcoming events. On Friday of Week 5, the Bamal ‘Kids Giving Back’ committee will host a fundraising charity concert at lunchtime. Funds raised will support our Year 10 students’ ‘Kids Giving Back’ mission, supporting their commitment to making the world a better place.

We couldn’t be more proud of our Year 10 Bamal students, who are enriching their own lives and the lives of the less fortunate.