Unlocking the World: Exploring the Potential of VR Headsets in the Classroom

Digital Learning Specialist Kimberley Law hosted a virtual reality booth at IGS International Day

Last Friday, a remarkable celebration unfolded at IGS as we embraced the spirit of unity and diversity on International Day. Staff and students alike rejoiced in sharing their rich cultural heritage while gaining insights into the vibrant tapestry of other cultures. The day’s success resulted from the collaborative efforts of all our dedicated staff, students, parents and the entire community. IGS created a vibrant and multicultural environment filled with engaging workshops, immersive language rooms and delicious global cuisine.

Among the highlights, the ICT department curated a VR stand where students ‘unlocked the world’ by embarking on virtual journeys to Germany, Spain, China, Italy, France, and Japan. Students immersed themselves in the gardens of Japan during Cherry Blossom season, followed the breadcrumbs to Hansel and Gretel’s gingerbread house, witnessed the artistry of an Italian Renaissance painter, trekked along the Great Wall of China, explored the beauty of Sagrada Família in Spain, and strolled through the enchanting streets of Paris.

The potential for enriching the learning experiences of our students through virtual reality is boundless. As we venture further into VR, students will encounter a new dimension of education. The ability to simulate real-world scenarios and historical events promises to captivate learners, making abstract concepts more tangible and comprehensible. The personalised nature of VR content enables tailored experiences that cater to the individual needs of each student, nurturing their growth and understanding.

Beyond academic gains, VR holds the power to foster empathy and cultural understanding. By immersing students in diverse scenarios and situations, we pave the way for a generation of compassionate and globally aware citizens. As we eagerly anticipate more opportunities to incorporate VR headsets into the classroom, we envision a future where learning transcends boundaries, igniting a passion for exploration and discovery.

Kimberley Law
Digital Learning Specialist