Supporting Kids Giving Back

Building the next generation of generosity

IGS is delighted to share the fantastic achievements of two of our students, Lotte Flood and Ruby Short. Their recent efforts to help others in the Kids Giving Back community programs, between February and July 2023, encompassing the school holidays in April and July, have truly been exceptional.

Our kind students, together with over 1400 other young people, produced over 8500 hot meals, salads, fruit kebabs, breakfast boxes, snack packs and care packs with empathetic, positive messages, distributed to 15 charities around Sydney. Additionally, they helped with 1800 servings of soup at a bi-weekly soup kitchen.

“Their exceptional leadership qualities, compassion, and a strong sense of civic responsibility are truly inspiring and a testament to the values that your School instils in them,” says Carole Schlessinger, CEO & Co-Founder.

We commend Lotte and Ruby for their kindness and community spirit. May their dedication inspire each of us to become more involved in similar initiatives!

Founded in 2012, Kids Giving Back is a not-for-profit organisation that provides volunteering opportunities for children, teens and families across NSW. Above all, Kids Giving Back see volunteering as a two-way street. It gives children the opportunity to change other people’s lives… and their own.

Bookings for their School holiday programs are open! For anyone interested, you can find more information here School holiday programs | Kids Giving Back.