Students joins forces with Head Girl and staff in the Bibliothèque

Last week the Bibliothèque hosted a morning tea to welcome inaugural members of the Bibliothèque Crew.

“Inspired by Educator Kurt Hahn’s powerful words, ‘We are crew, not passengers, strengthened by acts of consequential service to others’, we have formed a new student team, whose members will be rolling their sleeves up to help us in our quest to build our students’ love of learning, of reading and of research in the Bibliothèque,” said IGS Principal Shauna Colnan.

“Students were invited to express their interest in the role and we couldn’t be more thrilled with each student’s passion to learning and for helping others.”

In their work, the Bibliothèque Crew will be guided by our values of diversity, connectedness, personal achievement, authenticity and vibrancy. Bibliothèque Crew team members will assist Bibliothèque staff with duties that are essential to the smooth running of the Bibliothèque.

These duties are varied and range from administrative tasks, such as shelving and covering books and creating displays, to customer service, such as offering readers advisory services and research assistance to the IGS community. 

“Apart from being part of the fun and exciting Crew community, our members of the Bibliothèque Crew gain some great benefits from being part of the team, such as developing important employment skills, accruing volunteer hours for the Duke of Edinburgh program and gaining references for future job opportunities,” said Assistant Director Bibliothèque Patrice Marchbank.

“Once our new Bibliothèque Crew pass their initial training period, they will be provided with t-shirts to make them easily recognisable, so pop into the Bibliothèque to get some help, or even just to say hello. The team will be happy to welcome you!”

“An induction program has begun and our staff and Head Girl Zahra Moloobhoy have warmly welcomed this fantastic team of students into their new roles,” Ms Colnan said.

“I can’t wait to see the contribution the Crew will make and I wish them all the very best.”